Travel Pack Disposable Glove


Travel Pack Disposable Glove

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These disposable PVC gloves are sterilized by ethylene oxide, and the product is sterile. It is non-toxic, harmless, and odourless.

The gloves are powder-free, significantly reducing the possibility of cross-contamination, offering better protection.

Used anywhere especially in industrial, food handling, medical examinations to prevent doctors and cross infection between patients. 

It is ambidextrous with rolled rim, soft and uniform thickness.


  1. For one-time use, please dispose of the used products as medical waste.
  2. Use with caution for those who have adverse reactions to the use of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) gloves. 
  3. Do not touch organic solvents such as strong acids and alkalis and other chemical solvents. 
  4. If the packaging is damaged, do not use it. 
  5. If this product has been treated with surface powder (corn starch) material, remove the surface powder of the gloves aseptically before use. 
  6. The product is limited to medical examination.


Product: Disposable Vinyl Gloves

Material: PVC polyvinyl chloride, Powdered-free

Grade: Industrial. Medical and Food grade

Terms of use: Two years

Production batch number: TESPO T02

Color: Transparent

Size: M & L 

Quantity: 50 packs of gloves/box

(Gloves are sealed and convenient to bring around)


Disposable PVC Glove cert 9Disposable PVC Glove cert 10Disposable PVC Glove cert 11Disposable PVC Glove cert 12Disposable PVC Glove cert 13Disposable PVC Glove cert 15

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