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Carrier Oil

Carrier oils are normally derived from the fatty portion of a plant, obtained by cold pressing from the seeds, kernels or the nuts and is inert - and not as volatile as essential oils.

Essential oil (except for a few exceptions) should never be used undiluted on the skin and needs to be mixed with a carrier oil (also referred to as a base oil) to dilute the concentrated molecules and to help spread them over the surface of the skin, and this is done by diluting them in carrier oils.

Each and every carrier oil is unique and offers a potent combination of therapeutic properties and characteristics. The choice of a carrier oil depends very much on the therapeutic benefit that is being sought.

thanti-nguyen-5ocK69p4GoQ-unsplash avocado Avocado Oil

utsman-media-nYFuBU2miNM-unsplash coconutCoconut Oil

roberta-sorge-uOBApnN_K7w-unsplash jojobaJojoba Oil

tetiana-bykovets-hOZPHGO3btk-unsplash almondSweet Almond Oil

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