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2 in 1 Jar Candle Pet Care

This candle is designed to eliminate any unpleasant odor coming from our lovely pets.

Volume: 700g



pls read before purchase

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  1. Keep the product out of the reach of children and pets.
  2. Do not use near or on top of combustible materials, use with caution.
  3. Do not leave the candle lit while you sleep or are away.
  4. Use candle holders or trays to prevent overheating. Stop using when there is less than 1cm height left of the candle from the bottom.
  5. Do not touch the candle during and right after use, since the glass jar or candle shield may be hot.
  6. Do not use in a closed or small space, and ensure ventilation after use.

Proper use instruction


Proper use instruction pg 2

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