Virushield Disinfectant 250ml

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Virushield Disinfectant 250ml



Cleaning and sanitizing with one of the most effective antimicrobial disinfectants!

Virushield Hard Surface is formulated with NEA approved broad-spectrum antimicrobial active agent, further enhanced by an EPA registered broad-spectrum antimicrobial surface sanitizer and disinfectant, powered by the patented, environmentally friendly Silver Citrate Ion. It quickly eliminates microorganisms in food 
process and food preparation facilities and restaurant operations.
• Superior efficacy—99.99% improved overall sanitation.
• Fast kill against Listeria, E.coli, Salmonella and other foodborne pathogens with 24-hour
residual protection.
• User-friendly—ready to use, odorless product with no hazard warnings on label.

Available size:
Ready-to-use 250ml spray bottle
1 Litre concentrate (see dilution instruction)
5 Litre concentrate (see dilution instruction)

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