Air Care

Airpot Humidifier

Ultrasonic humidifier with sleek and compact design



Airpot Humidifier

  • Cool or warm mist optional

  • mist level adjustable

  • Capacity: 2.4L

  • Includes the aroma tray for aromatherapy

  • Ultrasonic technology for whisper-quiet, visible, micro-fine mist

  • Max. mist levels: low, medium and high

  • Auto shut-off function


 Product Features:

  • Automatic protection in the shortage of water, safe to us.

  • The amount of spray be adjusted freely in accordance with the needs

  • Adopt ultra silence structure to eliminate the noise, suitable for senior citizens and babies.


Product Specifications:

Material: AS+PP+ABS

Water Capacity: 2.4L

Voltage/Power: 100-240V 30W 

Color: Red

2028 size



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